Danie was born in Glendale, AZ one unassuming morning. Since that day she has been actively seeking enlightenment and an enjoyable craft project.

Danie graduated with a BA in Film in Media Studies with a minor in anthropology from Arizona State University. Her focus was screenwriting and she loved every minute.

Danie first became interested in the "geek" world at a young age. Citing her attendance of a Xena and Hercules Convention at the age of 9 as her conversion point. Since then she has been actively involved in many conventions, the most important of which being Phoenix Comicon in which she has been a panel moderator for many years. She loves this job, the brilliant people she meets, and the amazing stories she walks away from.

When not writing, geeking, or writing about geeking Danie has been known to devote many hours to the hobby crafts her husband likes to describe as "old lady things." Knitting, crocheting, quilting, and baking are currently her favorite hobbies and if you are very lucky she will post many pictures of her successes and failures.

Danie's greatest aspiration in life is to become like her idol's Jessica Fletcher and Jane Marple, as she is quite a few years out from spinsterhood and few people tend to drop dead around her (which she is thankful for) she will bide her time with a project on her sewing machine or her nose in a mystery novel.

This blog is her spot in the world to share her projects, her tutorials, her craziness, and whatever she darn well pleases.


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