Monday, July 8, 2013

.99 Patterns and Nancy Drew to go

For the thrifty crafter there is no word greater than the word, you know, the big word: SALE! Since getting back in to the crafty swing of things I have been scouring all my local craft stores as well as the internet for great discounts for new project supplies as my stash is looking a little skimpy. So, imagine my delight when I learned the local Hobby Lobby had a .99 McCall Pattern sale going on! Woohoo, fist pumps all around. I scoured the drawers on hands and knees looking for my next forays into fashion and came up victorious. I noticed that in my stash I mostly pulled dress patterns as I have been wearing a lot more dresses lately and would love to add a few of my own personal creations to the mix. Beyond that I am looking to add to my comic dress stash, I want to make a couple custom Superhero themed dresses for next years big event and can't wait to get cracking on those. I also pulled a very versatile baby girl pattern set as my older sister is due in about a month and it is never too early to get cracking on Christmas presents. For now the patterns will be snug in my pattern binder. Can you tell that I am having a love affair with my label maker? I have bought a bunch of colorful binders to store a bunch of things like my comic books/ patterns/ and loose papers. I like being able to store everything comfortably on a bookshelf and know exactly where something is when I go to look for it.

But before I can even think about getting cracking on Christmas presents I am trembling in anticipation for the delivery of my latest charm pack purchase. I stumbled onto the Nancy Drew Moda fabric while perusing Southern Fabric's Etsy Shop. I sputtered, sent out a cry which sounded like the cross between a cat being strangled and a moose mating call, and visibly shook with excitement. My love affair with Nancy Drew began long ago, in fact those yellow hardbacks are probably the reason I am such a voracious reader and writer now and have such a passion for mysteries. So, this fabric is like seeing my childhood printed on warm cottony goodness. I am still not sure what I am going to do with the charms yet. So far, I am leaning towards quilted book bag. I think it will be amazing and cannot wait to have the charms in hand!

Today has mostly been devoted to fiddling with the website (I am never satisfied) and I pulled out my Lemon Squares Quilt I have been working on for months on and off to throw it back under the machine to finish quilting it so I can bind this thing and get it out of my work in progress pile. That will definitely be satisfying. 


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