Sunday, July 7, 2013

My First Post and a Machine Cover

    Hello everyone, Danie here- formally of the craft blog Cup of the Sun, now relaunching a new craft blog with the name A Textured Fairytale. As much as I enjoyed building Cup of the Sun I entered a time in my life where I really didn't have much time for anything, especially crafting and blogging. However, life has taken new directions for the better and thus I return to the fold. I recently built myself a swanky little craft room in a spare bedroom of my house. It is still in process. I have only managed to organize my sewing equipment and still have quite the battle ahead of me in organizing my fiber art materials (I am still internally debating the best and most creative way to store my knitting needles. Until then though I am loving having all this space to move around and create. Plus by utilizing Ikea and ingenuity I have managed to keep the remodel very cost effective. The room is also very bright and sunny with a nice little window that catches a lot of sun making this room perfect for taking pictures of my finished crafts. I am planning on building a little photo studio in an open corner however, once I get the rest of the room organized.   
    When it came time to bust out the sewing machine and break this new room in I knew exactly which project would be the first. I have been meaning to sew myself a sewing machine cover ever since I bought it a year ago. I had bookmarked several patterns and tutorials I had seen for sewing machine covers while browsing the web and decided that the Quilted Sewing Machine Cover from SewDelicious was the best fit for what I was looking to do. 


   The fabric was a metallic fat pack I fell in love with at Joann's during one of my numerous shopping trips (who can resist cute owls?) and I knew instantly it was perfect for my new sewing machine cover. The tutorial could not have been easier to follow and I am very proud with how it turned out. Even my husband was impressed and commented on how the colors really went well with my sewing room and brought it all together. Which might be the nicest thing a grown man has ever said to me. Even better it took very little time to whip up, less than a day and a half. It would have been shorter me thinks but I kept getting distracted by my episode of Marple.

The thread for the quilting is a silver metallic I was glad to finally use. It was rather difficult keeping straight lines as I had to sew upside down since the batting would snag on the feed dogs (mine don't drop) so I had to do the best I could. 
   Since I hand cut the charms and am still pretty rubbish with a rotary cutter (I blame my left handedness) the charms don't match 100% but I feel like that unevenness just gives it a little more charm. 

   I have always said that my first rule of sewing is 'don't try to be perfect, just try to have fun' and this project was very fun!


  1. "i can totally resist owls," said no one ever, especially the girl who impulsively bought a riley blake "hooty hoot returns" fq bundle for a baby that doesn't exist yet. oops. the cover looks great!

    before i upgraded to my singer, i had a brother whose feed dogs wouldn't drop. the tip that worked for me was taping a business card over them while quilting. it wasn't perfect because it had edges that stuck up a bit, but it was a huge improvement over snagging on the feed dogs.

    1. You know I had been given that same advice about the feed dogs and actually punched a little hole in a card and taped her down but it had just enough lift to snag the batting. This being said- I think it is 100% a viable option for free motion quilting with my free motion foot I have yet to use until I can find a replacement feed dog cover. I LOVE "Hooty Hooty Hoot" returns. There is so much fabric I want to buy right now it is blowing my mind. I am really trying to pace myself before my husband kills me for spending all the dollars but I can't help that there is so much beautiful fabric out there!! BTW, are you craft blogging Rhia? If anyone should be it's you my love!

  2. how am i just seeing this comment now? stupid google notifications.

    another option might be to put a piece of some sort of smooth plastic over the whole area. like cut a piece that fits the entire bottom area of the throat so that there are no edges to snag. i'm not sure what might work best, i'm picturing a piece of plastic like you can use to make a stencil.

    have you been to the sas fabric by the pound yet? they have a lot of crap fabric, but they have gems, too. tiffany and i went a few months ago to the one on indian school, and as we were digging through the 4.99/yard tables, i came across 3 fabrics i'd bought recently for 10.99/yard. that might be a good way to build a stash at less than half the price. it would take more time and a lot of patience, but it could also be a fabric adventure.

    i'm not craft blogging at this point. summer tells me i should, too, but i don't think i have anything unique or interesting that hasn't already been said/done. i'm planning to put together a small tutorial on the way i bind my quilts, as i haven't seen my method out there. maybe that will make me want to do more, we'll see. thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. I have been to SAS in fact, when I learned to sew as a kid that is where my mom would take me. That being said the lack of organization and the dinge is generally a turn of to me. However, every once and awhile when I am feeling Indiana Jones adventurous and really want to stash build it is where I turn. If you are looking to blog I am more than happy to help you set up. Its just a nice way to curate what all you have done. I think you have a lot of great advice to give on numerous subjects ;)


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