Monday, July 22, 2013

For Those Who Wander: Prescott, AZ

Normally on any given day I am quite hermit like, locked up in my craft room whiling away the days on my current project while watching documentaries (lately I have been on a dinosaur kick). Still, every once in awhile a girl just has to get out and about or risk potentially turning into some sort of scary goblin creature which probably resembles Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Yesterday was one of those days.

My husband spent the weekend playing in a golf tournament with his family in Prescott Valley and pointed out that there had been a craft fair of some sort  going on in Prescott proper so I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a day trip exploring Prescott and then I could meet up with my husband for dinner after his match.

It was a brilliant idea I had a wonderful time exploring on my own. I spent a few hours walking around from antique shop to antique shop (of which there are about fifty on one stretch of road) and picking over the booths at the craft fair. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the beauty of Prescott. If you are like me and love to wander through stacks, and piles, and buildings full of old and unique wares- is this the town for you!

The craft fair itself was small but charming. It took place right in the courtyard of the county courthouse.

I think what I love most about Prescott is that it has a very quaint, old fashioned vibe. A strange mix of Victorian (a lot of Victorian architecture) and western (it is Arizona after all). It really meshes beautifully. For instance this bakery might be the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I am a sucker for trinkets and do dads. I like to fancy myself some sort of antique archeologist that I am going to walk into a junk shop and walk out with some sort of expensive prize the owner sold to me for five bucks. It hasn't happened yet but it hasn't stopped me from trying. In the meantime I simply like to marvel at the offerings at shops like these. For instance, this old sewing machine, these knitting needles (which I was seriously tempted by for 9 bucks but I prefer my smaller bamboo sets), and I couldn't help but chuckle at this Twilight book sitting amongst the stuff. I felt like it was some sort of modern art piece representing our fickle and changing interests as related to pop culture.

The minute I laid eyes on these magnets I knew I had to get one for my mother. Here in Arizona Tombstone is almost a religion.

Before heading out of town to meet up with my husband I noticed a gallery that was offering a fiber exhibit, curious I popped my head. I'm glad I did. The artist on display was a quilt artist. Each block was very unique and interesting. However, what I found most interesting was the prices for each piece. When you a crafter you always find yourself wondering, "how much is my craft worth?" Drafting a reasonable number is alway trouble. Well, coming from my art background I have always know that art is worth what the customer is willing to pay. Fine art can often have inflated prices depending on a myriad of reasons. So, I was shocked to see that most of the pieces in this gallery showing (which were about 12x12 quilt block squares mounted on some sort of decorative frame) ran about $140 each! Of course some were more reasonable (?) in the $75 range. Again when I took a step back and realized that these were not being sold as a piece of quilting and instead fine art I caught my breath. Still, many of my lovely and talented friends will send you a dramatic and gorgeous queen size quilt for the same price. Still I enjoyed the gallery exhibit. 

On the way home though began what I like to call the Battle of the Pie. If you have ever driven from Phoenix to Prescott or vice versa then you have seen the sign proclaiming the World's Best Pie. Well, being a Supernatural obsessed family like mine we are also a tad bit pie obsessed (I blame Dean). As I was driving the husband and I home all I could think about was how much I needed a slice of the World's Best Pie. However, my husband swore adamantly that he didn't remember seeing pie on the way up and thus it was probably in a different direction than we were going. Of course, I have made this trek many many times (though admittedly not in a while) and KNEW with absolute CERTAINTY that there was a pie place. In fact, we argued about it (playfully of course) for about twenty miles until I say the sign telling me to pull off the freeway for pie! Once I was out of the car I did a little I was right dance and we had pie. Not just pie- holy moly this is the greatest pie ever, pie. This was probably the best and most important time in my life in which I was right :).

This Sunday the husband and I leave for Missouri for vacation so I will be happy to wander on in a new state.


  1. rock springs cafe is amazing. it's totally worth the drive. i'm going an hour out of my way coming home from lake havasu on friday to get cougar blueberry pie for his birthday. it's just that delicious.

  2. Right! You have no idea how powerful my need for pie was I feel like I forced Rock Springs into existence just to prove to my husband that the pie existed. When we first got there he was being all sassy like, "how could they charge six dollars for pie." Then he ordered the Jack Daniels pecan, took a bite, looked at me and stated, "Never have I been so wrong."

  3. now i may have to stop on my way up to flagstaff tomorrow to get a piece for myself. thanks, danie!


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